Solar Panels

There are dozens of solar panel manufacturers on the market, each offering several models. Even the most research-focused consumer would be overwhelmed by the task of reviewing specifications for each of them. That's why we've made choosing the best solar panel for your solar energy system a less harrowing experience. By choosing the systems that are best related to performance, quality, durability, and warranty, we've optimized the choices to make it easier for you to grab yourself a solar panel. There are however a myriad of variables that you should take into account when you are buying a solar photovoltaic (PV) system – our job here at Solar Works is to help you sort through them and find the best ones for YOU!

Some factors that should be considered before you acquire your solar panel are:
  • Roof Space
  • Budget
  • Conversion efficiency
  • Durability / Longevity / Warranty
  • Size and Watts
  • Location & Temperature of environment to be installed
  • Types of solar cells used
  • Our Solar Panels Include